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20 October, 2016

A short review on Adam Curtis new film 'HyperNormalisation'

by system failure

It's always a pleasure for someone to watch documentaries created by Adam Curtis, as they enlighten a less known dimension of global scale politics, society behaviour, culture, technology, ideas and ideologies.

We could say that the latest film of Adam Curtis, 'HyperNormalisation', is an update of some of its previous films, which is enriched with the most recent global events and developments. The new film presents also interesting stories about some key figures in the development of cybernetics and the modern perception of non-linear politics.

Curtis concludes that the retirement of politicians to deliver a new vision to the societies has transformed them into simple managers who, more and more often, have no clue on how to deal with chaotic situations. As a consequence, societies completely abandoned faith to politicians and turned to the cybernetic universe without, however, being able to create and pursue a new vision about a better world, by themselves.

In one more film, Curtis masterfully connects the dots and manages to make us see and understand things from a different - and almost unknown to many - perspective. Yet, we observed also some 'gaps' in specific issues that the film describes. Always, of course, according to our humble opinion.

For example, the film describes how the Western powers, and especially the Agglo-American axis, have used the former Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, as a scapegoat for justifying their failures in various military interventions. They were treating Gaddafi, essentialy as a puppet that was playing various roles according to their goals.

Yet, the film ignores a more simple and cruel dimension of the final overthrow of Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya: the new colonialism exercised by the big corporations in the race for country's natural resources. A race that has been started by the French and in which the Agglo-Americans rushed to participate in order to secure a piece for their corporations.

In the case of Syria, Curtis explains the Russian intervention in terms of Surkov's non-linear war, and actually claims that it is not clear why the Russians finally intervened in the Syrian chaos. Again, it seems that he totally ignores the geopolitics of the region. The fact, for example, that the West wants to pull out the Russians from the Eastern Mediterranean, and therefore, remove their ally Bashar al-Assad and replace him with a favorable puppet regime.

Moreover, Curtis ignores the geopolitical dimension of the pipeline game, in which many powers are involved, like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others. This is an important reason which explains to some extend the complexity of the Syrian war.

It's understandable that Curtis prefer to focus on the reasons of the increasing inability of politicians to deal with chaotic situations, but sometimes, other important reasons behind devastating wars, cannot be ignored.

Media silent as anti-corporate trade deal protests take Europe by storm

Over the weekend, thousands of protesters across multiple countries condemned impending trade deals promoted by governments and their corporate partners. Though the protests received little coverage from mainstream media, they stretched from Paris to Warsaw.

The demonstrations came amid the Commission on International Trade of the European Parliament’s plans to finalize the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) this week. The policy has been likened to so-called “free trade” deals pushed by President Barack Obama and other Western governments.

CETA, which has been in the works for seven years, would eliminate tariffs between Canada and European nations, which proponents argue would foster increased trade and create jobs. Nevertheless, the deal has been criticized for granting too much power to multinational corporations, the Guardian reports.

Though the European Commission recently drafted a statement claiming “environmental and health standards will not be diluted,” not all policymakers are convinced.

Passage of CETA hit a roadblock after the parliament of the Wallonia region of Belgium rejected it. Wallonia’s minister-president, Paul Magnette, vowed to block the entire country from ratifying the deal. This has proponents of CETA concerned about the agreement’s future, as all 28 member states of the European Union must unanimously agree on it before it can be further negotiated and ratified.


Venezuelan opposition leader caught with grenades, army vests

Venezuelan right-wing opposition has been repeatedly accused of trying to ignite violence in a bid to oust President Maduro’s socialist government.

Venezuelan right-wing councilman José Vicente García was apprehended Tuesday by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service and caught with grenades and military uniforms in his car in the state of Tachira.

Tachira state Governor Jose Vielma Mora Gregorio confirmed on his Twitter account that the arrest took place and posted pictures of García along with the military equipment found in his car.

Intelligence bodies has captured young councilman José Vicente García with war weapons, grenades and vests,” Gregorio said in a tweet Tuesday morning.

The Venezuelan government has long accused the opposition of attempting to create chaos and unrest in the country in order to realize its objective of removing socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

According to reports, this was not the first time right-wing officials have been caught with militarized equipment. In late August, the country’s intelligence service detained Yon Goicochea who was found with explosive materials.

Back in September, the government said its security forces had managed to prevent violent actions and a coup that was planned by the right-wing opposition during the massive demonstrations on Sept. 1, which turned out to be peaceful and with little to no violence.


19 October, 2016

Clinton emails - Hillary had been seriously warned about the oncoming Syrian chaos back in 2011

On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for 30,322 emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. The final PDFs were made available on February 29, 2016.

A letter from Clintons' top advisor Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton in mid-December 2011, proves that Clinton had been seriously warned, by, as it seems a highly reliable source, about the oncoming Syrian chaos. Blumenthal presents the views of his friend David Lesch, described as a "leading Syria expert in the US", during his contact with the then and current Syrian ambassador to UK, Sami Khiyami.

The conversation between the two men has been proved prophetic, as it seems that they both agree that the support of various opposition groups in Syria without discrimination could lead to a bloody civil war. Khiyami also pointed the dirty role of the Qataris in Syria and requested to be pressured to stop intervene.

Key parts from Lesch's report:

  • Returned from my trip to London yesterday. I met with the Syrian ambassador to UK, Sami Khiyami, [...] Sami is a very interesting person. He is secular Sunni, very straightforward and forthright (for a Syrian official), and not a member of the Be th party. He was pretty frank with me, and I got the impression he believes he and his government could be on their way out, so no harm in telling it like it is. He was critical of Bashar al-Asad, although he still supports him as the best alternative, and he was incredibly critical of, even dismissive, of the security services, who he essentially said were too stupid to do anything right.

  • I asked him if he could tell President Obama or Secretary Clinton one thing, what would it be? His response was interesting. He said that he would vigorously ask the US to stop supporting groups such as the Syrian National Council b/c they have very little legitimacy or popularity in Syria. He strongly recommended showing outward support for the serious and respected Syrian opposition elements in Syria itself ...

  • Sami said that it would not eliminate all of the opposition, since there are many wedded to the fall of the regime no matter what, but that it would draw enough support to isolate the radicals, who would whither away eventually, and create a critical mass to force the regime to follow through (especially with regional and international pressure holding its feet to the fire) and transition toward sharing power. Although it may be a bit self-serving, I happen to agree with him. The SNC and other opposition groups have very little if any traction inside Syria. Need to get guys like Kilo and Seif and the Local Coordination Committees in Syria on the same page with some sort of govt sanction, in combination with an end to violence. I think it is the only way this doesn't end up in a bloody civil war.

  • He also added one more request: get the Qataris to stop causing so much trouble in Syria in a way that is leading toward militarization of the crisis. He said he would make a formal request to Bashar for me to see him within the next month or so. Yale University Press has asked me to write a very quick 100-120 page book on Syria and the Arab spring and Bashar al-Asad, with the final draft due in April, so it is under this pretext that I would be going. Not holding my breath on this, although Bashar seems more willing to talk to people now.

Apparently, Hillary Clinton totally ignored these warnings. The US continued to arm various militant groups, many of them connected to radical extremists in Syria and Iraq.

Recall that, only recently, the United States finally took a clear position against Al-Nusra, in the context of the agreement with Russia, which, however, failed again, thanks to the hypocritical stance of the West which is interested only in two things: remove Assad at any cost and blame the Russians for all the mess and the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

No need to remind the role of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East chaos. Recall that in another letter of the Podesta email series, John Podesta admitted that both Qatar and Saudi Arabia are helping ISIS. Podesta also mentioned that the US should exercise pressure to these countries in order to stop doing it: ... we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.

Of course Hillary wouldn't do anything about this problem too, as in another letter of the Podesta email series, it was revealed that Bill Clinton was receiving "expensive gifts" from the Qataris!

More evidence about the contribution of the Obama administration and especially Hillary Clinton, on the Middle East chaos.

Full letter:

Ecuador admits to cutting internet access for WikiLeaks' Assange

The Ecuadorian government has confirmed suspicions that it has "temporarily restricted" the internet access of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

"The Government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states. It does not interfere in external electoral processes, nor does it favor any particular candidate," reads a statement from the Ecuadorian government.

"Accordingly, Ecuador has exercised its sovereign right to temporarily restrict access to some of its private communications network within its Embassy in the United Kingdom. This temporary restriction does not prevent the WikiLeaks organization from carrying out its journalistic activities."

On Monday, WikiLeaks indicated that Julian Assange's internet link had been "intentionally severed by a state party" as part of an apparent effort to prevent the transparency organization from releasing emails related to the campaign of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Hours later, WikiLeaks claimed that Ecuador was responsible.

Assange currently resides in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been granted asylum. WikiLeaks claimed that "multiple US sources tell us [US Secretary of State] John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations."